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Whether it's your business records, pictures of your family, or a research paper, we know how important your data is to you, and how stressful it is when you've lost access to it. 


At Circle Hook Data Recovery...

We get back what's been lost.


We recover data from:

  • Internal platter-based drives
  • External, USB-connected platter drives
  • Drives used in Windows, Apple, or Linx computers
  • Seagate 7200.10, 7200.11, &  7200.12. These are often found in the full-size, case-enclosed, USB-connected external drives

Specialists in recovering photos


Welcome to our web site!

How would you feel if you took your drive to the computer repair shop or shipped it out-of-state to a place you discovered on the web, only to find out two weeks later that they couldn't recover your data? Even worse, they charged you just to diagnose it. At Circle Hook, we'll examine your device.The person who is working on it will call you back to let you know what the recovery prospects are for your important files and what it will cost. There is no charge.for this service.

Confidential and Secure

Your hard drive contains private information. At Circle Hook, our privacy policy is simple: your data belongs to you and is for your eyes only. We adhere to the high ethical standards of the professional digital forensics community. Your drive will not be left on a shelf - it will be locked up. The computers used to analyze your drive contain anti-malware software and are scanned prior to each analysis.


Local Service

We serve the Greater Seattle Area, including the Eastside. We can meet with you to take possession of your drive - there is no need to ship. 


Personal Service

At Circle Hook, you will work directly with the data recovery expert who is recoverying your data.