Richard Leickly MS, DFE, CDRE


Data Scientist, Data Recovery Expert, Digital Forensic Examiner, Manager​


Richard has made Washington his home for over 20 years. Richard has master’s degrees in mathematics and oceanography; and has studied IT Security and Network Engineering at the University of Washington. He has worked as a scientist, a statistician, and a scientific programmer at the University of Washington; and at the US Department of State’s Office of Marine Conservation. He has programmed in half a dozen languages, designed and administered SQL Server databases, created Geographic Information Systems, and administered Windows Server 2008. Recently, he was part of a team of hardware and software engineers contracted to test the wireless communication system being built for the transcontinental railroad's new Positive Train Control System.


David Angell BS, DFE, CDRE

Data Recovery Expert


Effective 9/1/2016...


----    DAVID HAS RETIRED   ----

Richard has taken over his responsibilities




A fan of all things digital, David has built and repaired computers almost since they hit the desktop. He specializes in troubleshooting and getting computers (and their users) out of the many sticky situations that they have a bad habit of getting into. David has installed new home networks and has rewired home networks installed by others, keeping clients, friends, and family connected. Before joining Circle Hook, he was successfully recovering the client records of independent small business owners. David has a bachelor’s degree from the University of California at Santa Cruz. He studied digital forensics with Steven Hailey and Mike Andrew. 



Robert (2003-2018)


Interested in all things edible, Robert trained with Buck.