How will I get my data back?

In most cases, there will be more data than can fit on a DVD.  It is usually best to have us write your recovered data to an external USB hard drive or to a thumb drive. We keep devices in stock for that purpose.


How are you able to repair my hard drive?

We do not open drives during diagnostics. However, suppose diagnostics has indicated that your drive has suffered internal physical damage. A damaged read head is the most common internal physical problem. After you have authorizied us to go ahead with the recovery of your data, your drive will be opened in a cleanroom and we'll replace any faulty parts. Because hard drives are built to such narrow tolerances, it is usually the case that repaired drives to not operate perfectly, Additional tools are needed to copy the data from the drive.


Will I be able to use my hard drive after you've repaired it?

Problematic hard drives are usually not actually repaired: they are brought to a condition that will allow other tools to extract the data from it. Sometimes this condition disappears when the drive is powered off. Other times it will persist indefinitely. You would not want to store your data on a drive that has failed, even if it appears to be operating normally after recovery.


Why should I trust Circle Hook Data Recovery?

Your drive will be worked on by the principals of the company, who are certified data recovery experts and certified digital forensic examiners. They adhere to those professional standards. They have had their backgrounds checked by the FBI and the Washington State Patrol. You will meet the person who will work on your drive.


Why do I need a specialist in data recovery?

Data recovery techniques require training to learn and several years to master.The equipment is highly specialized and typically imported. We use clean-room environments and tools specifically designed for work on hard drives. The process of extracting data from a hard drive can sometimes be lengthy as the tools attempt to make sense of weak or damaged sectors.


Do you offer a guarantee?

We cannot offer you a guarantee that we will be able to recover ALL of your data, but in many cases our diagnostics can provide us with a good idea of the number and types of recoverable files. 


What makes you better than the competition?

You'll meet the person who will recover your data and you will kept informed on the recovery process.

We can't solve all problems. Encryption, scratched, chipped, or cracked platters, or unusual internal head stack geometries will require the services of a larger laboratory. We can help you with this decision.


I back up my data. What can Circle Hook Data Recovery do for me?

There is always a  gap between your last backup and the most recent transactions or file changes on your computer. We will recover data that was stored on your computer, but was not included in the last backup. 


I don't have a backup? What should I do?

If your hard drive failed and you don't have a backup, you will need to have your data recovered. After that, we can advise you on setting up a backup system.


Who designed your logo?

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