Why is your company named after a fish hook?

A circle creates a boundary. Circle Hook Data Recovery creates a circle of trust. When you are a client, you are in the circle with us. We can be trusted with your data. We will never subject your device to risky procedures. You data is safe and confidential. One person will discuss your data with you and that same person will work on recovering it. One person will work with you from beginning to end, and will be in close communication with you.


The circle hook – a fish hook with a gently arching circular shape – is noteworthy for its ability to minimize damage to any marine creature that happens to bite it. Why is this important? Commercial and sport fishers do not always catch the species of fish they are targeting. Catching the wrong fish is called bycatch, and for some species, it is significant. With a circle hook, the fish is unlikely to have swallowed the hook. It will therefore have a strong chance of survival after release. Using a circle hook is just one way to conserve and protect marine resources. 


At Circle Hook Data Recovery, we target the files that are most important to you. When whole-drive recovery is not feasible, we don't waste time or money recovering the operating system, application programs, or other files that can be reinstalled from discs or downloads. We focus on the part of your life that is unique and irreplaceable: your data.