Professional and Trustworthy

  • Circle Hook can be trusted to keep your data safe and confidential

Richard and David have undergone Washington State Patrol and FBI background checks. At Circle Hook, your data will be kept safe and its confidentiality will be preserved.

  • Personal attention

You will meet either David or Richard, and they will work with you to identify your most important documents or photos. They will be the ones working on your drive.  

  • Professionally trained and certified

Richard and David are certified Data Recovery Experts and certified Digital Forensics Examiners. Their certifications were awarded by Steven Hailey – President and CEO of the CyberSecurity Institute (, and Mike Andrew (Vice-President). Circle Hook collaborates with Steve to teach the next generation of data recovery experts, and to provide data recovery training to law enforcement personnel and to digital forensic examiners.


  • Specialized state-of-the-art data recovery tools

Circle Hook uses professional tools to diagnose and to repair drives, and to recover lost or damaged computer files. Only trained experts will work on your hard drive. We don't waste time trying to retrieve the entire drive. Todays multi-terabyte drives cannot be copied quickly when they are damaged. To reduce costs and time, we focus on your most important files. Computer repair facilities do not have these specialized tools or skills.


  • Secure service offered right here in the Greater Seattle area

Data is private and personal. Time and security are important to you. We can come to your place of business—there is no need to ship your confidential data out-of-town.