Circle Hook’s services

  • Data Recovery: There are always gaps—even if you have a great backup plan in place. Discovering that the backup system didn't include the final version can cause embarrassment and monetary loss. 
    • Hard drives from desktops and laptops, external USB drives, RAID drives, NAS drives 
    • All operating systems: We work on hard drives using Windows, Apple, or Linux operating systems. 


Circle Hook’s services are different

  • We are local: We can get to you quickly because our services are locally provided—right here in the Greater Seattle area. Your hard drive will never leave our secure premises. Local repair shops that don’t specialize in data recovery may ship your hard drive to an out-of-state facility. This incurs unnecessary additional risk, uncertainty, and expense for you.
  • Our service is end-to-end: We can remove the hard drive from your computer, recover the data from it, and return the data to your business. You will not need to open your computer, remove your drives, or package them for shipping. Our lab is only a few miles from your business.
  • We communicate: We will assess your drive at no charge, and inform you of the prospects for the recovery of your most important files, and what it will cost. 


Choose Circle Hook

  • Safety: Your hard drive will always be safe at our shop. If we are not working on it, it will be stored securely. It will never leave our custody.
  • Security: Your drive will never be exposed to the Internet.  Our laboratory computers are isolated and scanned before every recovery. All software has current security upgrades. Your data will be recovered to laboratory drives that havebeen securely erased of all previous data.
  • Advanced Physical Recovery: If your drive has suffered physical damage, we will put it into working order in a Class 100 cleanroom using tools designed specifically for repairing hard drives.